– Win $500 Gift Card – The American off price departmental store brand Marshalls offers a customer satisfaction survey for its customers on the survey web page - Win $500 Gift Card - Marshalls Survey – Win $500 Gift Card

After completing the survey, you can enter a sweepstake and get a chance to win a grand prize. Continue reading to find out in detail about.

The Marshalls Customer Satisfaction survey and sweepstake.

How To Take The Marshalls Survey

All those who want to take the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey online, will need a receipt from a recent Marshalls purchase in order for.

The information on it to be valid for use for the survey. After you have managed to get one such receipt,proceed to go to the Marshalls survey website on

to start with the entire survey process. When you finally get to the site, you need to choose the language you want to take the survey in.

There is a choice between English or Spanish here.Once you make your choice,you need to enter your receipt details.

Enter the date and time printed on the receipt to start. After clicking next, you will be sent to the main survey questionnaire.

When you get to the main survey question, you’ll be asked about your experience at Marshalls with regard to the kind of service that is provided at the stores as.

Well as your opinion on the kind of products they sell and more. After you’ve answered all of these questions, you’ll be required to provide some additional personal contact information.

Such as your email address, in order to be entered into the Marshalls sweepstakes. You will be notified if and when you win any of the sweepstake grand prizes after.

The sweepstake period is over.These are the directions you need to follow in order to take the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey as well as enter the Marshalls sweepstake draw. - Win $500 Gift Card - Marshalls Survey

Rewards of the Marshall Sweepstake

Winners of the Marshalls sweepstake draw will receive a $500 reward gift card that can be used on purchases made at the Marshalls stores.

Terms & Conditions of the Marshalls Survey

In order to take the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey and join the Marhsalls sweepstakes, you must be at least 18 years of age or above to qualify.

To be eligible to participate in the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey and sweepstakes, participants must be legal residents of the 50 United States.

The District of Columbia,Puerto Rico to qualify. The sweepstakes prize of the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey.

is also not transferable  in any way and must be received as has been decided by Marshalls.

Any additional taxes applied on the winners of the sweepstake draw is the responsibility of the winners and not Marshalls.

The Marshalls sweepstake draw is also not available in regions and states where conducting a sweepstake is prohibited by law.

All employees, advertisers, investors, and other affiliates of Marshalls  are not eligible to participate in the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey and sweepstakes.

The participants can also not be related to any of the people that are connected to Marshalls.

These are most of the terms and conditions that one needs to follow in order to take the Marshalls Customer Satisfaction survey. - Win $500 Gift Card - Marshalls Survey

Requirements of the Marshalls Survey and Sweepstake

Firstly,participants of the Martshalls Survey and sweepstake would require a receipt of any purchase made recently in order to be able to take part in the survey process.

For the purpose of taking the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey online the  respondents must have access to an electronic device such as a laptop, computer, or phone.

That electronic device must also be connected via an active internet connection in order to access the online web page.

The respondents of the Marshalls Survey must have a knowledge of either the English or Spanish in order to comprehend the survey questionnaire.

In order to join the sweepstakes using the online method, entrants must also provide a valid email address.

These are most of the requirements that have to be arranged for before taking part in the Marshalls customer satisfaction survey as well as the Marshalls Sweepstake draw.

About Marshalls Survey

Marshalls is an American off price discount departmental store brand that is owned by Tj MAxx.The store was founded in the year 1956.

Today,Marshalls can be found in over 1200 locations across the USA and Canada.


The Marshalls  customer satisfaction survey is a means for the company to have a better understanding of the needs of their customers.

and in turn to assist themselves improve and preserve their business. Customers will be enticed by the sweepstakes prize, which is the $500 gift card grand prize. - Win $500 Gift Card - Marshalls Survey

Marshalls Survey FAQs

  • Is purchase necessary?

Answer – No.

  • Is the prize in cash?

Answer – No,the prize is a gift card.

  • Is receipt necessary?

Answer – Yes,for the online survey process.

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